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Host Your Own Private Cloud for Secure Data Protection

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If you are looking to setup your own private cloud to support multiple offices, departments, or branches, or you are a service provider looking for a cloud backup solution that will allow you to host your clients data in your own datacenter, you are in the right place.

Provide first-class data protection

Host yours or your clients data in your own data center

Offer local and offsite backup plus disaster recovery

Provide granular restore for SQL and Exchange

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  • Supports up to Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10
  • Supports up to VMware 6 and Hyper-V 2016

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Unmatched Support

How NovaStor can help support you to keep your data safe

Reduce Complexity

NovaStor provides fast, easy and uncomplicated backup and recovery solutions for managed service providers. Our team of experienced backup experts work with you on your journey to success. NovaStor conducts comprehensive training to educate you and your team. Expert advice is readily available. For MSPs help is available to assist with the establishment of business models, pricing, implementation, launch and ongoing technical support of your backup service.

Training and Installation Service

NovaStor offers 20 years of business experience with a combined MSP knowledgebase across all various engineers and developers that work in house for your support needs. With NovaStor, we make sure you are fully trained to offer your clients installation and setup services. To get you started, our backup engineers will install the software for you and get you set up and properly configured, so that you are ready to protect your clients data from day one.

Support Included

NovaStor xSP includes premium support, which offers access to phone and email support as well as all updates and upgrades to the software, and unlimited access to a vast library of helpful guides and documentation.

Local, In-house Premium Support

To ensure that your transition to NovaStor is smooth and your future with us is secure, we provide on-going support. We never want you to feel alone. For technical questions or in critical situations such as a system failure, our support engineers provide expert help via phone, email or remote access directly from our US office.


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