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To request a quote for backup and recovery software pricing, please complete this quote request form. We can help you get pricing for the product or products that are right for your environment.

  • With NovaStor DataCenter, our pricing model is simple and all inclusive. We quote based on number of servers or TBs of data … that’s it. No hidden fees, no price per socket. No limitations.
  • With NovaStor xSP (for managed service providers), you only pay for what you use. NovaStor understands the importance of cash flow to service providers and demonstrates this by licensing products in a manner that corresponds with the way you do business.
  • With NovaStor Active Archive, you can securely bring their data to the cloud, reducing the effort and time needed to protect and retain business-critical data and everything can be managed easily and effeciently for multiple locations from a single pane of glass.

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Request a Quote for Pricing