My Backup Can't Scale

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My Backup Can't Scale

As you know, backup software solutions are designed based on storage capacity, and as businesses start up and grow their data needs increase. IT Administrators do their best to manage data capacity before reaching server limits or storage maximums but eventually all face performance issues. Even though the IT department’s existing solution may be satisfactory, it may not be able to physically withstand the environment where the data has outgrown the storage capacity. On reaching the maximum threshold of data capacity, IT Administrators begin to experience performance limitations and are forced to evaluate scaling options. With data nearly doubling annually, IT Administrators face a serious challenge.

NovaStor works with Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and worldwide big data organizations to help them scale their current network architecture while also planning for future data growth.

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How to Sell a New Software Solution to Your Boss

Learn to calculate the ROI on new software, determine the expense that your existing backup is costing you, and how to create an argument for your new purchase.

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NovaStor’s sales and pre-sales team designed the perfect fit for our 200 remote locations. I can manage everything from one central management and don’t need to remote connect to every location."

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