My Backup is Expensive

You're not alone. NovaStor can help.

My Backup is Over Budget

When new regulations are introduced, budgets are unexpectedly cut, hardware or software breaks prematurely, data scales quicker than forecasted, or your renewal price is higher than anticipated, it can be a challenge to manage the financial side of running an IT Department. An increase in your backup costs can help to compound the struggle.

NovaStor, however, is unmatched in its 20-years of experience finding solutions that meet an IT Department’s needs without sapping the department’s budget. NovaStor’s suite of data backup products offers wide-ranging options and makes it possible to protect your data under the most challenging budget parameters.



How to Sell a New Software Solution to Your Boss

Learn to calculate the ROI on new software, determine the expense that your existing backup is costing you, and how to create an argument for your new purchase.

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Our license needs vary every week. That is why we needed a flexible pricing. NovaStor was the only backup vendor that helped us to find the perfect volume licensing."

- Mike Muster

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