My Backup is Broken

You're not alone. NovaStor can help.

My Backup is Broken

When a data backup isn’t working – from broken components to an improperly setup environment to non-compliance issues to the current solution lacking required features – the IT Administrator is usually facing a lack of funds, timing, or both.

The challenge then becomes: When a proper backup cannot be completed the company is left exposed to threats. Rather than falling prey to your current solution’s steeply-priced Professional Services to review the problem (a cost typically not listed in your service contract), NovaStor’s US-based engineers (all with IT backgrounds) are available to analyze your problem and provide solutions.



How to Sell a New Software Solution to Your Boss

Learn to calculate the ROI on new software, determine the expense that your existing backup is costing you, and how to create an argument for your new purchase.

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Even though NovaStor’s a major company, there’s a small business vibe that we really like, someone’s always available and willing to assist."

- Scott Mercer
Jefferson County

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