Enterprise backup software


Enterprise Backup Software

Powerful enterprise-class, Windows and Linux server backup software with centralized management for high capacity storage systems. 




MS Exchange
Active Directory


All Disk Storage Systems 
Single tape / Tape libraries / Autoloaders
Dynamic tape drive sharing
Virtual tape libraries (AWS)
Deduplication Appliances
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

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Technical Q&A and infrastructure review with a backup expert
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Backup software benefits:

Compliance ready backup with auditable reports
File backups, mirroring, full backups, incremental, differential, and incremental forever
Bare metal image backup for Disaster Recovery with P2V and V2P support
Backup for SQL and Exchange databases with Granular Restore

Backup to disk, tape, tape library, autoloaders, virtual tape library and cloud

AES 256-bit encryption to password protect your backup files from being opened by unauthorized users
Multistreaming technology used to optimally exploit tape capacity while reducing costs, and backup and restore windows
Manage everything from a single central management console for one or multiple locations
VMware ESX/vSphere
Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL
Active Directory

Disk (DAS, SAN, NAS)
Single Tape
Tape Libraries
Tiering (D2D2D, D2D2T)
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Remote Locations
Auditable Reports

Fast Backup Software

When it comes to backup speeds, the larger the quantity of data, the sooner weaknesses are revealed with many competing data protection solutions. Where other backup solutions reach their limits, NovaStor DataCenter excels. The distributed system architecture allows the central database to achieve a high data throughput and reduces the network load while offering maximum stability.

Advanced features like Multistreaming and Multiplexer technology, accelerate backup and restore speeds many times over.


Enterprise backup and recovery without the complexity or price-gouging

Protect your mission critical data and applications with a single, all-inclusive solution designed to increase efficiencies, reduce complexities and scale to meet your business needs, while delivering data protection and recovery for every type of workload.

At NovaStor, we believe that your data should be protected no matter where it is located. While it is important to review your IT environment and discuss the fundamental aspects that need to be addressed for your business, you shouldn't have to pay extra, based on whether your data lives on physical or virtual servers, in databases, or mail servers.

One enterprise-class backup solution gives you:

  • Physical server protection for applications, files/folders, system files, etc.
  • Virtual server protection for VMs running Hyper-V or VMware
  • Application-consistent SQL database protection
  • Exchange database backups without stopping services
  • Perform Microsoft Exchange Data Availability Group (DAG) backups
  • Gain direct access to unmounted database tables
  • Perform image-level backups (system image) with bare metal recovery
  • Restore physical machines to a virtual environment - and vice versa
  • Universal restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Granular level recovery for VMs, Image Backups and Databases
  • Setup assistance and US-based tech support

Business continuity is more than just data protection. It's the assurance that your business operations and core enterprise functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or an unplanned incident that takes your critical systems offline.

Our team of backup experts are like an extension of your IT department, stepping in to help ensure that your enterprise backups are secure and you are able to quickly bounce back from any disaster scenario.

Everything you need to protect your data - simplified.

Simple, Scalable Enterprise Backup

  • Simplified web-based user interface with visual backup management
  • Scales linearly from a few to several thousand servers
  • High levels of automation, fault tolerance and efficient memory use
  • Multistreaming technology optimally exploits disk and tape capacity
  • Cluster configurations and logical cloning to secure app & data availability

Intelligent, Flexible Granular Recovery

  • Protect SQL and Exchange databases with brick-level granular restore
  • Restore individual files, folders or individual emails, mailboxes, tables
  • Use drag and drop recovery for fast, easy restore
  • Restore physical machines to a virtual environment and vice versa
  • Configure the version history to roll back a replicated system 

Centralized Management & Reporting

  • Central management of an unlimited number of sites with one installation
  • Build, configure, and update your physical and virtual machines and agents in a single user interface
  • Gain corporate-wide visibility into secured data, target media, plus the timing and status of recent backups
  • Auditable reports at the push of a button

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Going above and beyond the industry standard

NovaStor knows that as an IT Administrator, every moment of your time is accounted for. We’re also aware that only a small portion of this time can be dedicated to your backup solution and if your time is being spent on backup, you’re most likely experiencing some serious problems.

We are dedicated to solving your critical data protection issues, helping to remove the burden of backup from your daily routine, and giving you professional services you need, so you don't have to face backup or recovery issues alone.

We also believe in supporting you through all stages of your journey, from the research stage and the onboarding stage, all the way through to the customer success stage.


Enterprise Backup Software FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about our enterprise-class backup software.


“I enjoyed having a direct line to NovaStor’s knowledgeable technical support team. Our prior backup software provider had me explain everything to junior team members before connecting me to the people who could solve the issue.”


Michael Steeber
Administrator | US Internet