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NovaStor Blog

Preaching to Practice: How NovaStor Survived the Woolsey Fire

by Sean Curiel, on Nov 19, 2018 1:12:46 PM

NovaStor’s corporate headquarters survived the recent Woolsey Fire, having faced the potential fireonhillof significant loss. Thanks to the countless efforts of first responders, our location and the surrounding buildings were spared. However, hundreds of homes and businesses in the area were effected by this tragic event. NovaStor would like to pass on to you what we consider to be critical requirements for safeguarding of your organization's data from a natural disaster:


Employees should have the ability to perform critical job functions remotely and be given access to servers using VPN or other means.

Reliable Backups

A backup is only valuable if it is restorable. Simulating a full restore on at least a quarterly basis, coupled with regular spot testing ensures that critical data will be available when it is needed.

Offsite Backup

While local backups offer the speed to get return to business fast, backup sets replicated to offsite office location can offer physical protection against local natural disasters (see our 3-2-1 backup rule).

Cloud Backup

With the rise of colocation services and cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, keeping critical backups stored with a 3rd party adds an additional layer of redundancy.

Disaster Recovery Plan

All employees should be familiar with emergency procedures. A disaster recovery plan is a clear roadmap with step-by-step instructions to follow if servers are brought down in a disaster.

Disaster-Proof Devices

A range of products are designed to disaster-proof your data. From expensive fire proof safes that can safeguard your drives and tapes from a fire, to affordable ruggedized storage devices, designed to protect against shock, flood and other extreme environments.

Bullet-Proof Backup

Even if all servers are lost, built-in redundancies handle data in such a way that software can be reinstalled in a few minutes, making backups quickly restorable without facing a lengthy import.

It can’t be helped that natural disasters will take place. The best we can do is to apply adequate preparation for our response to protect our families, homes and businesses to the best of our abilities. The nature of NovaStor’s business as experts in data protection means that our team anticipates scenarios like these and can help companies prepare for disaster before it hits. Speak to a NovaStor data protection expert for a personal consultation on how to best protect your organization’s critical data.

Sean Curiel

Written by Sean Curiel.
Sean is a marketing expert serving NovaStor's DataCenter and NovaBACKUP  communities. The views expressed are his own. Learn more about NovaStor's network backup software.

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