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NovaStor DataCenter

Network Backup 

Central backup of physical and virtual machines on disk, tape and cloud with NovaStor DataCenter

NovaStor DataCenter

Reliable Data Backup with Minimal Effort

NovaStor DataCenter protects heterogeneous IT infrastructures with physical and virtual servers on the same interface. Centralized management includes data protection at distributed locations and media management for cloud, disk and tape backup including data migration.

With a high level of automation, fault tolerance and efficient memory utilization, NovaStor DataCenter achieves stable and fast backup and restore processes with low financial and human resources.

NovaStor's service offering includes a review of your infrastructure, the implementation and setup of your solution, and live support from our in-house backup experts. With our professional services and our technical support, we make sure your backup runs smoothly right from day one.


Functions for your data backup

Whether ransomware attack, natural disaster, hardware failure or user error - NovaStor DataCenter protects your corporate data from loss through any disaster scenario.

Central Administration

Build, configure, and update your physical and virtual machines and agents in a single user interface.


Accelerate backup and restore processes to keep your backup infrastructure at full capacity and keep backup windows constant as data volumes grow.

VMware Replication

High availability of time-critical systems: Configure the version history to roll back the replicated system to an older state than the live system.

Granular Restore

Restore individual files and individual emails, mailboxes, tables etc. for applications such as Microsoft SQL & Exchange from backups of physical and virtual systems via drag & drop into the productive system.

Backup of Running Virtual Machines

Back up the virtual machines in your Hyper-V and VMware environments on-the-fly with no server downtime or productivity restrictions.

Hyper-V Backups

Combine full and incremental backups to secure virtual Hyper-V environments in small backup windows in a storage-efficient manner.

P2V and V2P

Restore physical machines in a virtual environment - and vice versa. Among other things, this feature helps you to virtualize servers.

vCenter & Hyper-V Cluster Support

In addition to VMware, NovaStor DataCenter also supports Hyper-V clusters for highest availability, load balancing and best performance.

Supported Systems


Flexibility and future-proofing require compatibility: NovaStor DataCenter supports leading enterprise applications, all common databases, current operating systems and all storage technologies such as Virtual Tape Libraries or Deduplication Appliances - regardless of manufacturer.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux


  • VMware
  • Hyper-V


  • All common databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL...)
  • MS-Exchange
  • Other virtualization platforms by agent

Storage Devices

  • All tape drives supported by operating system (LTO, IBM-3592, T10K...)
  • Disk systems (Disk2Disk2Tape Backup)
  • All common library systems
  • Virtual Tape Libraries
  • Deduplication Appliances

Detailed information on new versions, update logs and supported systems can be found here

Preview Highlights of 
NovaStor DataCenter - New version


Intuitively operable user interface 
in a new design

The new modern user interface is web-based, offering a cleaner, more simplified process for managing your data backups. The new NovaStor DataCenter bundles backup and restore functions with visuals for implemented backup strategies in a single view. The graphical presentation facilitates easy adjustments, such as adding new systems, or identifying storage bottlenecks - for maximum efficiency. The new user interface provides access to every computer and mobile device without prior installation.

backup management

The new web interface allows visualization of company-wide data protection processes. The new design offers intuitive, visual modeling of backup strategies and fast synchronization of backup concept and implementation. Information added to NovaStor DataCenter central management not only lead to updates of the technical processes, but also flow immediately into the documentation of the data backup. In the case of technical problems, the overview allows for quick identification and correction of errors.

Compliance-compliant data backup with auditable reports

NovaStor DataCenter provides audible reports at the push of a button, which reflect the current status of data protection measures at any time, for example for company audits in accordance with the EU GDPR. In addition, the reports provide corporate-wide visibility into secured data, target media, the timing and status of recent backups, and other key data. As a cross-departmental working document, the report from NovaStor DataCenter enables fast communication and coordination between IT and specialist departments on the compliance handling of company data.

Documented & versioned 

The REST API provides a documented standard interface for integration into existing IT landscapes and connection to third-party systems, such as monitoring systems. IT administrators of large-scale environments and system vendors can achieve high efficiency gains by reducing the surface area required to monitor the IT environment.

Advantages at a glance

NovaStor DataCenter offers many benefits for data backup and recovery in heterogeneous IT environments.


Backup, Mirroring, Full Backup, Incremental, Differential, Incremental Forever ... automate your enterprise-wide backup with NovaStor DataCenter in just a few steps. Mechanisms such as failover media servers, redundancy and robust communication create high fault tolerance and reliability.


NovaStor DataCenter achieves tremendous data throughput and resource efficiency with its distributed system architecture and high-performance data movers. The distribution of backup data streams via multistreaming optimally exploits the capacities of disk and tape and reduces backup and restore windows cost-effectively.


Among other things, NovaStor DataCenter supports cluster configurations and strategies such as logical cloning to secure the availability of applications and business data. With Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) backup, you can increase the availability of your backups through media breaks and data paging.


NovaStor DataCenter scales linearly from a few to several thousand servers. Distributed metadata relieves the central database. Features like 1-stop backup deployment reduce the overhead of managing large IT environments. Multi-tenancy enables central management of an unlimited number of sites with one installation.


We stand behind the product development of NovaStor DataCenter, guarenteeing the quality, performance, stability and scalability. We keep our data protection solutions up to date with the latest technology and respond quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers and partners as well as to market changes.

Future Security

As a partner of market leaders such as Microsoft or VMware, we always support current technologies such as Windows, Linux, VMware or Hyper-V versions. Today and in the future.

In addition, NovaStor's licensing models not only enable low initial investment, but also long-term predictable costs.

Case Studies

NovaStor DataCenter centralizes data protection for numerous medium-sized companies, public authorities and public institutions, increases data availability such as stability and reduces effort.


Hogan & Associates

Hogan and Associates were able to gain the backup and recovery flexibility they needed without the heft price tag.

Read case study →

Jefferson County

Jefferson County was able to deploy backups using their own methods at a fraction of the cost without compromising budget.

Read case study →

General Mills

General Mills backs up 16 TB per day, while achieving their ambitious backup performance goals using NovaStor DataCenter.

Read case study →

US Internet

US Internet was drawn to NovaStor DataCenter's unique pricing and licensing structure and it's ease of use.

Read case study →

Choose your plan

We believe pricing needs to be transparent regardless of your company’s size. Our pricing is based on FETB storage volume capacity licensing, is all-inclusive and fully supported by our NovaCare support.

Up to 5 TB

$2,500 / year

Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Apps / Cores / VMs
All Upgrades/Updates
US-Based Tech Support 


Up to 10 TB


$4,500 / year

Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Apps / Cores / VMs
All Upgrades/Updates
US-Based Tech Support

Up to 25 TB

$9,500 / year

Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Apps / Cores / VMs
All Upgrades/Updates
US-Based Tech Support


Pricing upon request 

Corporate Licensing
Perpetual Licensing
Multi-year Options

or send a request for pricing

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