PRESS RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: NovaStor® and Aparavi® Announce Partnership for New Solution: Archive Data in the Cloud

Data Retention and Archive in the Cloud

Built to handle the massive growth and millions of files, NovaStor Active Archive provides a modern solution to data protection, long-term retention, and archive in the cloud.


NovaStor Active Archive


Cloud Active Data Pruning

File and sub-file data pruning automatically removes data no longer needed based on policy conditions, reducing secondary storage requirements.


Multi-Cloud Mobility

Dynamically move data between cloud vendors, and on-premises and enjoy the freedom to switch between the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage vendor of your choice.


Open Data Format

Published data format means no vendor lock-in and the ability to recover data independently of the NovaStor platform, forever.


Secure data for long-term storage and archive in the clouds

NovaStor Active Archive is an archive solution that allows organizations to securely bring their data to the cloud, reducing the effort and time needed to protect and retain business-critical data. At the web-hosted platform level, everything can be managed easily and effeciently for multiple locations from a single pane of glass.


NovaStor Active Archive Benefits:

Highly Scalable - Protects individual machines to large datacenters with millions of files and thousands of servers.

Heterogeneous Networks - Protects everything from Windows to Linux for both physical and virtual environments.

SAS Web Application - Includes a fully hosted SAS web application that is able to control environments worldwide.

Multi-Tenant Support - Fully supports multi-tier and mult-tenant use cases.

Policy Driven - Fully policy driven data selection, scheduling, and data targeting/retention options.

Cloud Backup - Supports all major public and private cloud solutions that are S3 compliant.

Open Data Format - Offers an open data format so users are not locked into any single vendor.


“We get a lot of requests from organizations of all sizes to offer a retention/archiving solution that uses cloud dynamics” said Mike Andrews, co-owner of NovaStor. With NovaStor Active Archive,  NovaStor’s clients get that and more.”


“The ability to install a server, and then install the agents on the various computers and have it just work is exactly what I needed.” says Michael Pflugrad from Technically Geek IT. “My time is at a premium at the moment, so picking tools that shorten the amount of hands-on AND learning time is very important to me.”


Complementary Solutions

NovaStor Active Archive serves as a complementary component to the company’s existing portfolio of backup products. The combination of NovaStor DataCenter, a highly scalable, enterprise backup and recovery software for both physical and virtual environments, and NovaStor Active Archive create a fully compliant, highly secure and easy to use data protection and retention suite.


NovaStor Active Archive delivers a true heterogeneous cloud platform for unstructured data. MSPs familiar with NovaStor’s xSP technology will benefit from the ability to transfer to a modern, recurring revenue-generating platform with multi-tier and multi-tenant capabilities. Their customers in turn can optimize organizational efforts and realize lower costs of cloud storage.