Your environment can become corrupted in minutes making you a victim of a costly ransomware attack. NovaStor wants to show you how to protect and prevent your data from ever getting into the wrong hands.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of virus created by Cyber Criminals designed to encrypt your files, holding them for ransom until a sum of money is paid.

Ransomware can:

✔  Prevent you from accessing Windows (or iOS, Mac OS X, and Android)

✔  Infiltrate your network through any infected device connected to it

✔  Encrypt files so you can’t use them

✔  Stop apps from running (like your web browser)

Plus, there’s no guarantee that paying the ransom will recover your files.

Ransomware is not just a PC problem – recent attacks have increasingly targeted server applications, such as databases, shared file systems, and customer management systems.

Want to learn more about Ransomware?

Watch One of Our Recent Webinars

Our Ransomware Defense Series includes 2 webinars designed to educate you on the importance of being prepared for Ransomware or Crypto-virus attacks and how to handle these threats to your environment.

Be Ready for Anything with this Ransomware Defense Series

The Ransomware Attack
You Weren't Ready for

Learn how to spot it, handle it, and prevent it.

Watch recorded webinar on YouTube at your convenience.

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Defeat Ransomware:
As easy as 3-2-1

A single ransomware threat can wipe out
an entire network, but it doesn't have to.

Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube at your convenience.

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Meet Your Cyber Crime Fighting Teams

Defend against threats to your business data with this team of products designed to work together to keep your data and your company safe from harm's way.

TEAM 1: Designed for Small Windows Network Environments with SQL / Exchange or VMs

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TEAM 2: Designed for Medium to Large Networks with Windows and Linux

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Ransomware: Mitigating Risk with Prevention & Beyond

Nobody is immune to a ransomware attack. Since 2013, ransomware like Cryptolocker have been threatening data and users all over the world. These crypto viruses were designed to encrypt everything within reach and demand a fee in order to decrypt your data again. You need to know how to mitigate the risks, before you become a victim.

What's in this Whitepaper:

  • Why Crypto viruses like Cryptolocker are so dangerous
  • Summarizes prevention scenarios and early warning systems
  • Talks about your options in case of an attack
  • Illustrates the advantages of NovaBACKUP and how it protects your business-critical data

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Learn from Others & Work Together to Defeat Ransomware

Regardless of your industry, Ransomware is on the rise. It will take the entire IT community working together to defend against this common threat. Download these success stories from those who have gone through ransomware and won.

Success Story #1

Veterinary Solutions Provider's Fast Ransomware Recovery

Download Case Study »

Success Story #2

Conquering A Dental Data Emergency

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